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  • Liquid Latex —
    I got mine at Spirit Halloween for $17 for 15 oz. but you can get liquid latex from just about any make up and costume store or online for various prices.
  • Baby Powder —
    You can get this in just about any store in your local town for cheap, more than likely in the baby aisle of a grocery market.
  • Moisturizer —
    Again, you can get this in just about any store. Pick one you like and trust.
  • Vaseline —
    This is optional, but can be found for relatively cheap in just about any store.
  • Makeup Brush —
    Use one that isn’t expensive. More than likely you will get latex in the bristle, and it can ruin the brush. These can be picked up fairly cheap in most stores; I got mine at the Dollar Tree down the street.
  • Makeup Sponges or Foam Sponges —
    I used a foam sponge for art projects, but any make up or art sponge will work, as long as you can use it. You can get these online or in a local store.
  • Cotton Balls —
    I got mine at the Dollar Tree. These can be found pretty much anywhere for cheap.
  • Toilet/Tissue Paper —
    Optional. Anywhere. Be sure that there isn’t a design, because it will show up.
  1. Apply a good moisturizer to your skin. Be sure to either shave or saturate modestly with Vaseline any hair that may come into contact with the liquid latex. In the case of hair on your head, use Vaseline for the hairline, and a headband to keep longer hair from getting into the latex.
  2. Using a sponge, coat the area in a light layer of latex.
  3. Allow the latex to dry mostly, and then coat the latex in a light layer of baby powder.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get the desired thickness of latex you would like. I, myself, only do this once, as I want the latex to remain flexible and be able to blend into my skin better.
  5. Coat with another layer of latex. While drying, pull apart a cotton ball so it’s thin, but still one piece -OR- pull apart the toilet paper and rip the straight edges off. Ragged edges help to blend the toilet paper into your skin better.
  6. Press the cotton ball/mold the toilet paper into the latex and let dry.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you get the effect you want.
  8. Coat the cotton with a modest amount of latex and let dry. I usually coat in about 2 layers of latex, with powder between each layer.
  9. Finish by coating with one last layer of baby powder. Let dry.

10. Apply make up to the wound to get the desired effect you want.

11. If you want to reuse this piece, you can also coat the underside (the side that touches your skin) with a thin layer of baby powder as well. The baby powder keeps the latex from sticking to itself.

Note: You will want to mold the cotton balls into how you want the wound to look. Same with the toilet/tissue paper. Rolling them into tubes between your fingers are great for cuts and tears. Leaving the cotton balls flat will give a great deteriorating look. Leaving the toilet/tissue paper flat then wrinkling it a bit will give an aged/weathered look. Experiment with texture and design. Eventually, you will find what works best. It’s taking me a few weeks to be confident enough to be able to do other’s makeup, not just my own. Also, experiment with color. Adding acrylic paint, a little a first (remember, you can always add, but you can’t take away) until you get the desired color you want. Just the same, experiment with textures. You may find that other things around the house create better wounds than cotton balls and tissue paper.

If you’ve used these directions, let me know how it turned out, and leave some tips  that you think might be better or might help others in the comments below. I’m always interested in learning new tricks with stage and effects makeup.

Keep a look out for a tutorial for turning your fake boring wound into a colorful, gory, realistic wound.

Until next time.
}|{ ~Sylvia Claire~ }|{