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Hello All! Life has gotten in the way of being able to post here lately. As some of you may know I was attending Everest College in the MA program, and I graduated in September (yay me!!) Then work got super hectic! I was in a car accident back in December and that has been just one thing after the other. All in all it resulted in my loss of employment and moving back in with my parents in Tampa, Fl. (hopefully for not too much longer!! 🙂 ) Due to my injuries  I haven’t been able to do much with my workouts, and my loss of motivation caused my unfortunate 15 lb weight gain 😦 but after getting off my pity horse and eating better, I’m back down to my original weight loss weight plus 5 lbs! (40 lbs in total!) I also started doing light yoga and Pilates to assist in my strengthening, along with my PT exercises. I’m going to attempt to do the 7 day cleanse once more, and I’ll update you with how that goes!! Thanks for reading!!

almost a year and almost 50lbs later :-)

almost a year and almost 50lbs later 🙂

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“If you’re in last place, remember, you’re lapping everyone on the couch!