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Alrighty. So today begins day two of the cleanse. Day one went better than expected, until the evening when I’m used to eating a lot more food. But I lost 2 1/2 ponds from yesterday to today 🙂 The easiest foods for me were melons and cantaloupes..which I think are still technically melons but I’m not sure, lol

My mom said that it wasn’t too bad until she got home from work, since she doesn’t usually eat a lot at work anyway. Plus it didn’t help that my brothers decided to pig out that night lol She also lost about 2lbs from day one to today.

My dad did really well yesterday as well. He said it was difficult in the evening when he’s used to snacking on nuts or dry cereal when he goes to bed, but the three of us just shared a big fruit salad…and by three of us I mean mom and dad made themselves one and I munched out of their bowls 🙂

Today is gonna be a little more difficult since dad has work and he usually doesn’t bring a lunch since he’s on the road. But he and mom both made up a lunch last night so I’m feeling confident for them both ^_^

Today we all got to start off with a baked potato with a “pat” of butter (I  discovered that it’s about 1.5 tsp) Well…we changed it up a little. We only had little red potatoes…so! We cubed about 4 of them, melted the butter over them and added Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning and roasted them 🙂 and I added fresh minced garlic to mine lol


Then we have a bunch of cut up veggies for throughout the day. I’ll also be roasting brussel sprouts and asparagus so I’ll post recipes for those later too!!

~Ash ❤