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Today was quite nice I must say. While it was beyond hectic and nowhere near how any of us planned it would go, It worked out nicely ^_^ I lost another pound. My mom lost 1.4, and my dad lost 0.6.

And on another positive note, my grandmother got home from rehab today ^_^ glad to have her home.

To day was beef and veggie day, which, while it might sound amazingly fantastic compared to days 1-5, it is not so much when you’re like me and my mom who for some reason forgot that our days NEVER go as planned and din’t bring ANYTHING to snack on during the day, thinking we’d be able to get home to grab something almost 4 hours sooner than we did…so yeah lol

But we were able to grab a quick bite at home before running off again. Thank goodness we had to stop by a target to drop off some meds and we were able to pick up a package of roast beef and a container of celery and carrots…which incidentally if you wrap a carrot stick and a celery stick in a slice of roast beef…it’s quite yummy ^_^


For snacking we made some more jerky, this time on the cooling racks. They cooked much more evenly and tasted more like jerky instead of the dry edge of the pot roast hehe We used Jerk Seasoning on one and a Smokehouse Maple seasoning on the other. We actually let these ones sit over night in the seasonings to give them some extra flavor.


Dinner was a beef and veggies stir fry, and beef and veggie lettuce wraps (which actually turned in to lettuce tacos xD) For the stir fry I used a little Worcestershire sauce and Simply Asia sweet ginger seasoning in the meat, then cooked the veggies in the juices. I used broccoli, cauliflower, onions, carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, snow peas, and a little more Worcestershire. Obviously you can add or remove anything and use your own ^_^

For the lettuce wraps I used The sweet ginger and Worcestershire as well as a little sprinkle of cumin. It gave the meat a nice little kick. Then I cooked up (all julianned) red and green bell peppers, onions, yellow squash, jicama, carrots, and celery. Then I just put a few pieces of meat and some veggies in a romaine lettuce leaf and munched on that ^_^

Tomorrow is brown rice and veggies so I’m planning on doing a few fun things with that. Stay tuned for tomorrow! It’s the final day of the cleanse so I’m pretty stoked!!

Night all!