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Sorry I missed last night’s update, I ended up going out to The Looking Glass Lounge to celebrate the end of the cleanse ^_^ 

Yesterday was brown rice and veggies, so it was a faily easy day. Fr breakfast I just cooked up the rice and mixed in the leftover veggies from the night before (the beef stir fry) and had that. Dinner was a little more involved since I was feeding 6 people lol


We ended up doing veggie fried rice. *note to self, brown rice takes almost TWICE as long to cook as white rice* I cooked the rice, added some frozen mixed veggies (I used the large bag of organic mixed veggies from Costco) and added a little of the sweet ginger garlic seasoning, and of course, low sodium soy sauce. It was actually really good. For the fruit juice, I didn’t want to go too crazy, just because I don’t usually drink juice anyways, so we ended up getting Naked Juices and Smoothies.


I got the variety pack, and a bottle of their new berry blast flavor. It was pretty good.

Now onto the main event….DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!


My mom lost 3.6 pounds from last Sunday.

Mom cleanse

Her thoughts? “Having done a lifestyle change over 5 years ago, I felt this would be easy. I wasn’t eating that bad…so I thought. I chose to do this to support my daughter and because, quite frankly, I did not think my husband would follow through. I did find this a little harder than I thought being that I was eating foods I had given up to some point five years ago; a lot of fruit and fruit juice-I don’t like to drink my calories, I don’t eat a lot of red meat much at all, as well as I haven’t had milk in 20 years-since my second pregnancy, it has tasted yucky ever since. We’d given up rice for quinoa also. Eating rice was very hard for me. I love veggies. That was great. I loved the soup, hope we can duplicate it. I did enjoy watching the scale go down-very little, but it did and I was surprised at how much my body changed. I probably notice more than anyone else. I had been letting the scale get higher lately and needed to reel myself in. I’m glad for the jump-start in to paying more attention to what I’m eating. Keep in mind that this is a “jump-start” not a lifestyle. Continue to make smarter choices, and you’ll be successful. On a more personal note, I’d like to tell my daughter that I’m glad she is taking pride in herself again. It was been a long trek with many more miles to go. I will always be here to support her and to know that she can come to me about anything. To my husband, who, as I said in the beginning, I did not think he would continue, I am so PROUD he did this. I know he was so excited that he made the choice to go to the store and buy fruit and veggies, and on the meat and veggie day, bought veggies and meat, instead of just going through drive through. I now know that he wants to be with us for a long time and I will support him any way I can. I love you both very much! Here’s to you and anyone else doing this or who has just finished-Great job, keep moving forward, and enjoy your new found energy by doing things you haven’t done in a long time!”

My dad lost 10.7 pounds since last Sunday. My dad on the week-

"Cleanse was difficult for me having to limit choices each day. Only a couple of times did I feel hungry. Didn't so much have cravings for some things, but they sounded good. Liked seeing the pounds coming off. Not sure if I'll do the cleanse again, but will continue to make better choices."

me cleanse

I lost 10.1 pounds and one pant size since last Sunday.

I feel a lot more energetic,  like I could stay awake more throughout the day. I feel like the cleanse really Jump started my system for what I needed to keep my weight loss going again. I plan on continuing to lose weight by doing weight watchers , and will continue to blog and post recipes and updates ^_^ Thanks everyone for following and be sure to follow us on Facebook too!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to leave a comment to hit me up on our Facebook page!