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Hey Guys! Sow I’ve been trying really hard to increase my activity to help with my weight loss and I think part of the reason I kept putting it off is due to the fact that I think I look TERRIBLE in work-out clothing! lol

So what better way to boost my motivation and confidence, than to make my own!

This is super easy and no sew! (So no worries if you don’t have a sewing machine or if you’re not quite skilled with one hehe)

So! Here goes!!

Step one, Find a T-Shirt. Get one in one or two sizes up from what you normally wear in a shirt. (So if you wear a medium, get a large or XL)


I found this one at a thrift store. ^_^


Cut off the arms, bottom hem, and neck hem.


Turn it over. Cut a slight “V” shape. Adjust and make it deeper or shallower depending on how far down you want the racer back to go.


Take the bottom hem and tie it around the top, making sure you leave enough room for your head (about an inch or so from the seam on the top of the sleeves). Then wrap it around the “V” shape you just cut out, until you reach the bottom or until you reach your desired depth.



Then tie it off and you’re done! Have fun making a ton of these because they are SUPER easy!!


Any questions? Leave a comment or hit me up on our Facebook page here

~Ash ❤