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So the campaign is over. I’m about to go do the post campaign survey over at BzzAgent.com in a few minutes, but I before I do that, I want to give you guys my last and final words about what I think of this product. To see my initial thoughts, check out Update #2.

First off, I love this product. It’s the first foundation/concealer I’ve found that works with my combination skin, and the first that I can stand to wear all day. However, I also found that if I don’t moisturize before I put it on, I can see the dry skin flakes (particularly AFTER I shower). So, one step before I apply it is I have to moisturize, even though the product says you don’t have to. It could be different for you, so if you try it, just experiment with it.

Second, it’s very watery when it comes out of the tube. This is both good and bad. Good for the reason that it spreads nicely and is easy to blend you edges, plus it dries within minutes of application. Bad for the reason that if you’re not expecting it to be that runny when you first open it and go to use it, more than likely you might make a little mess (I did that, but it’s easy to clean up if it isn’t on carpet or other porous surfaces).

Third, I did have to reapply after a couple hours. It does state that on the bottle, particularly if you’re in direct sun and/or sweating. Again, this is good and bad. Good because if you only intend to wear it for a couple hours, and that’s it, you’re golden. Bad, that if you’re out and about (say at work), you don’t want to be reapplying your make up every 2 – 3 hours.

Finally, you don’t need much to get a good foundation. A little goes A LONG WAY. I’ve been using my BB Cream every day and still have almost a full tube.

So over all, it’s a good product. I highly recommend this.