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Hello all! Had a few minutes and wanted to share an awesome work out I just found!


Booty Squeeze Targets: Abs, lower back, butt, and legs! Lie face-up with legs extended, a towel under each heel, and arms out to sides so that hands are in line with hips, palms down. Contract abs, squeeze glutes, and slowly lift hips and legs a few inches off floor while pressing heels into towels. Slide feet out to sides as wide as possible, then slide them together again without lowering hips.

I had no idea that this simple work-out would feel so all over! I could feel it in my thighs, abs, and butt! This easy work out targets areas that most people seem to struggle with, but with just one easy move! Totally doable for me!


Also, if you’re like me, your hamstrings HATE you! But I found a few stretches that really help and can, hopefully, lead to a full split in just two weeks!


Just do these stretches everyday (I use them as my cool down stretches from my work outs) and in no time you’ll feel the difference!


Good luck to everyone!