So we want to get you guys more into our blog, so it isn’t so much that we’re talking at you, but actually having conversations. So! With that being said, knowing that it might be in a blog, what is the most embarrassing moment you’ve had in public?

If you don’t want to publicly post it, feel free to send us a message on Facebook, or you can use the contact form below.  And we promise, we’ll tell you guys our most embarrassing moments, too, in our FIRST joint efforts blog post. We’re hoping to do this at least once a month, maybe more if it seems to be something people enjoy. And we promise, we won’t make fun of you. It’s more of an observation post and not a “hey, this guy peed his pants! HAHA!” kind of post. We would never do that.

We’re going to be taking emails until May 23rd, and have the post up by May 25th.

– Sylvia – – Ashley –