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Three years ago, I was having some trouble sleeping. I was looking out of my bedroom window and the beautiful blossoms on a tree in my backyard. I was enjoying the spring air wafting by my face, and clear sky above me. I had had an interesting conversation with a few of my girl friends earlier that day, and I had wanted to get creative with the topic. This short story is about a girl struggling with her sexuality. All of this is fiction, at least for me. I know there are many young women and men who struggle with coming out, with accepting who they are, or may have family who don’t support their actions. By no means is this meant to make fun of that. I am bisexual, and I have wonderful support from all those who surround me. I want to extend my hand and let anyone who may be struggling with this issue know that there is happiness out there. There are people who will accept you. There are people who do love you.
All characters in this short story are fictional, and any situation that may be found in this story is purely from my imagination. This story has no title, so if anyone wants to help with that, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments, as well as any other thoughts or feelings you may have. I just ask that you keep any rude or nasty comments to yourself.
Cherry Blossoms at Night

The night was warm. Unusually warm for mid April. The house was quiet. Almost everyone was asleep. Anya sat looking out of her bedroom window at the bright stars that sat above her in the clear, deep, blue night sky. A light breeze filled the air. Enough to tousle her long, brown hair. She smiled and closed eyes, listening to music that played just below her window. A few crickets were singing, a baby bird just waking up in a nest on a branch near her window. The gentle hush as the trees danced. It was enough to remind her of a similar night a few summers ago. Before everything changed, before she forgot who she was.

As she closed her eyes, she concentrated on that one summer night. The night her life changed. The night she could never forget. Everything seemed to be just like this night, only she shared it with someone. She wasn’t just anyone, she was Anya’s best friend and first love. Her name was Kara. She was small, but she had a big heart. Her hair was golden blonde, and her eyes were as green as the first leaves in spring. She had a voice like an angel, no matter what, it could make anyone smile. They spent every day together that summer. And even though Anya loved her, she knew her parents couldn’t handle it. She kept her feelings for Kara a secret.

Anya tried to forget about lying to her parents, she wanted to remember only the good things. Her eyes closed tighter. She thought more about the tree, the one the baby bird was singing in. The petals from the cherry blossoms fell so gracefully that night. They landed tenderly on her skin, almost like snow. How she wanted to be back under that tree in Kara’s arms. She was so nervous. She couldn’t remember the last time she was that nervous. She could feel every muscle in her body tighten, anxious and excited and scared about what might happen next.

Anya and Kara laid under the tree in silence. A whisper or two here and there, but mostly quietly enjoying each others company. Kara propped herself up on her arm, she looked down into Anya’s eyes and smiled, tracing down her jaw, down her arm, and finally resting on her waist. She could still feel the warmth where her fingers once were. She could feel her skin cover in goosebumps, but warm where Kara was caressing her with her soft hand. She looked back into her eyes trying to hide her fright and how nervous she was. That moment felt like a lifetime, even if it only lasted a few seconds. Kara leaned down and kissed her with her soft lips. They tasted like heaven to Anya, and she floating in the clouds, where heaven should be. The moment was perfect. She held Kara’s body close to hers for what felt like forever.

Only the soft crying from the backdoor caught their attention. They looked to see Anya’s mother standing in shock, crying, watching her daughter being kissed by another girl. She wasn’t supposed to be like that. Her mother screamed at Kara, calling her a devil child, a sinner, saying her lifestyle choice wasn’t tolerated in her home. Anya wasn’t allowed to see Kara after that night. A hurried goodbye was all that could have been said before Anya was rushed to her room. The next week Anya was sent to spend the rest of her summer with her aunt and uncle until her parents could deal with her again. She saw Kara once since that night. Afraid of what might happen, Kara ignored Anya. Her heart was broken, for both Kara and her family. The last memory she has of Kara was the kiss under the cherry blossom tree. It was her perfect, yet saddening, first kiss. It has defined her, and she will always love, and never forget, the girl under the cherry blossom tree.

cherry blossom close up


Again, thank you for reading this. Constructive critiques are always welcome. As well, I can’t stress this enough; I know this is a controversial subject, but any rude, mean, disrespectful, or just plain ignorant comments about the subject matter will not be tolerated. I want to make this blog a place where everyone feels welcome. 
And again, any help with a title is always welcome. The last 3 years, it’s just been called “Untitled”, so any help would be great!