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If the road looks too long, think about how long it will be if you have to start over

I love this quote. To me it makes me think about when I lost all the progress I had made two years ago. I had lost a decent amount of weight and was only about 30 pounds away from where I wanted to be. Then I got too content and let myself back pedal because those last 30 pounds seemed like too much work and I was in the mind set of “Oh, it’s close enough.” I fell back into old habits, and ended up almost 20 pounds heavier than I was when I started! That 30 pounds, suddenly didn’t seem as bad as the 80 I now needed to lose.

I had a moment the other day that made me realize how much progress I had actually made. I went to David’s Bridal to purchase a bridesmaid’s dress for my other sister’s wedding. I had been putting it off, mainly because I didn’t want to see the size I would have to order. I had been losing some, but no where near what I wanted to.

I checked in at the front desk and had an associate escort me to a fitting room. Now, those of you who have been here know, but for those who don’t, David’s Bridal tends to run a bit small (anywhere from 1-2 sizes depending on the style). I give the associate my approximate size, based off my last fitting (worried because the dress doesn’t have a lot of give) and she brings be back a dress in the higher of the two sizes I gave her (which she had to take of the mannequin because they have a limited number of sizes in the color I needed.) I reluctantly put it on fearing the dreaded zipper (I have a very broad rib cage as is, plus I’m very…”chest heavy”) I close my eyes and zip it up. I’m in shock…IT’S TOO BIG! I start beaming as I step out to show my mom. The associate comes over and ask how it fits and I tell her that it’s a little loose. She has me turn around and she reaches down the back and pulls in taunt. She tells me that this is one size down. I smile wider as I realize that it’s practically a perfect fit (maybe 5 pounds away give or take (-; ) I had lost 2 sizes since my last fitting!


My point is, even if you don’t feel like you’re making much progress, don’t give up! Those little moments that add up to help you meet or exceed your fitness goal.

If you need some more…regular assurance of your progress try using visual mediums.

Weight loss motivation

Using marbles or the glass beads for plants and fish tanks helps solidify in a sense, how far you’ve come. Even if it looks like you haven’t gotten far, think of how it would look if you had to put them all back into the first jar.

Another method is putting a dollar into a piggy bank for every pound you lose, or for every time you work out. Then for every mile stone (either every 10 pounds or every x amount of times you work out) treat yourself to something nice. Weather it be a new set of make up brushes, a mani-pedi, or saving up for a spa day, or those cute jeans in your goal size. Having visual reassurance helps you keep moving forward, even if you don’t see changes in your body. I am now only 40 pounds away from my lightest weight, and 65 away from my final goal (150)

Keep moving forward! And remember, no matter how fast or slow you go, you’re lapping everyone on the couch!!