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So last week we asked you to tell us your most embarrassing moments in public, and boy, we weren’t expecting some of those stories.

All names have been changed to protect the embarrassed, except ours, we’re baring our souls to you guys!

What was your most embarrassing moment in public?: Looking at the flower section at the grocery store when I bent over to pick one up and knocked the cart into a huge display of wine, yeah you can pretty much guess what happened next. Wine was shed that day. 😦 – Anna

Most embarrassing moment in public…well, I was at the public pool with my family on a really hot day. I was trying to impress this girl, and I told her I was on my high school swim team (I can barely doggy paddle). She then wanted to race me. How could I say no? I was apparently on the swim team, anyway, I didn’t have an excuse. Not only did I get beat, but the moment I jumped from the side into the deep end, my swim trunks came flying off! I don’t think I have ever been so embarrassed in my life. – Ben

Well, this was something more that I did to someone else than what happened to me. I sent my buddy to an auto shop with an application. He actually tried to apply for a blinker fluid changer! I couldn’t believe it. He told me that he’s not sure what he’s more embarrassed about, knowing that blinker lights don’t use fluid to work…or that he actually tried to apply for that position and didn’t question it, after I had pulled that joke on him before. – James

I was on the bus with my friend on the way home from school. I went to sit down when I a *RIP*. I looked around, and everyone was looking at me. I couldn’t figure out why. I looked at the seat, and it was fine, so I just ignored everyone. I put my water bottle between my legs so I could adjust my backpack…I have never screamed so loud in my life! I ripped my pants clear from the zipper to the back pockets. I had an hour on the bus, and half a mile from the bus stop to walk with 5 of my classmates before I got home. – Sara

I went to smack my girlfriend’s butt when I tripped over my backpack. I ended up face-planting on her butt instead. – Derek

Those are all pretty embarrassing stories you guys shared with us. Now it’s our turn!

When I was in high school, actually my freshman year, I went to the homecoming dance. It was formal, of course, and I had a very beautiful dress. It was kind of an halter, but in the back, it had straps that extended to the back of the dress from the halter strap. Because of the awkward straps, my bra didn’t quite look right with  straps, and I didn’t quite have the bust to pull off a strapless bra, so I managed to find a decent bra with removable straps. I replaced the straps with  clear plastic ones so it looked like I had on a strapless. Everything was going well until one of my classmates decided to snap my bra strap in the middle of the dance. Not only did both of my bra straps break, causing my bra to pretty much fall out of place and me running to the bathroom to try and fix it, but when I went to call my mom to bring me new straps, one of the teachers decided to make a big deal of me using my cell phone on school property, causing at least 2 dozen of my classmates to start laughing at me while he escorted off of school property. For the next couple of weeks, I was taunted by most of my peers.

But that still isn’t the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me, but that was pretty close.

Shortly after this incident, I was sitting in the courtyard, reading, and eating my lunch. We had construction going on so the courtyard was kind of cut off from the cafeteria, and there were a lot of seagulls that liked to scavenge from the high school kids. Well, right in the middle of my lunch a seagull flies over me and craps right on my should. I had to walk from the courtyard, through the construction walk way, through the cafeteria where about 1/3 of the entire student body was eating. That happened twice more that year.

Not only was I over 240 pounds, had maybe 3 friends, and out bench-pressed all the guys (including ROTC guys) in my P.E. class, I got to add these things to my high school resume. Needless to say, that was one of the worst years in high school I had, as well as the most embarrassing year.

– Sylvia

My most embarrassing moment? It’s hard to say since I don’t embarrass too easily, but I think I’d have to say my freshman year in high school. I’ve never been very athletic, so I decided to take swimming. I was really excited because I had gotten a really cute bikini on sale right before school had started. I walked into class with all the confidence any young 15 year old girl could have. We started off with an ability test. I was in the middle since my last name started with a ‘G’. I jumped in the water and started swimming. As I was coming back, I came up because my goggles had started filling with water. I came up and I noticed the teacher motioning at his chest towards me. I was a little confused until I looked down. My bikini top had come off! I quickly ducked back under the water, but I’m pretty sure most of the class saw me…including the super hot senior!! Needless to say, there is now a “No Bikini” rule at Wilson High School

– Ashley

So we’ve all had our fair share of embarrassment. It’s just something that happens. How do you get over embarrassment, you ask? Well, just remember that it will pass. It may seem embarrassing now, but sooner or later (and most of us hope sooner rather than later) it will be forgotten by outsiders. You just have to keep your head high, stand strong, and (even if you’re lying) let everyone know it doesn’t bother you. Eventually, you’ll be out of the spotlight and no one will remember that time you fell down the stairs, or peed your pants on the roller coaster.