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I big thank you to those who have served, are serving, and will serve in the future! I hope everyone is having a fun and SAFE day, however I have to add just a little thought. Our veterans and the men and women serving our country should be honored and remembered everyday. So many people use today as an excuse to get drunk and claim it’s in the name of patriotism. Our servicemen (and women!!) should be remembered more than just once a year. While it is good to honor the ones who have fallen and given there lives for our freedoms, there are too many homeless veterans on the street and too many are being forced out on the streets because their retirement benefits aren’t enough for them to pay their bills. In stead of spending your money on beer and food, go out and thank a veteran, donate some money or your time to a program or shelter that helps the veterans that have been forgotten. While you’re having your bbq’s and laughing with your friends, be sure to take some time and thank some one who has served, or remember a friend or family member who might not be with you today to celebrate, whether they are serving overseas, or if they gave their life to protect our freedom. Please remember what today is really about.

I hope everyone has fun and stays safe!