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So in an attempt to help tone up and my sudden desire to complete a fitness challenge, I am going to restart my 30 day plank challenge! I did it before for a few days then my schedule suddenly started filling up! So, starting today (well technically I started yesterday but never got around to posting :-P) I will be doing a plank every day for as long as I can hold it and will post my times on Facebook to help me keep to my word ^_^ At the end of the month I will post all of my times, before and after pix, as well as weight and measurements!!

And now my mom and little brother have decided to join me!! YAY!!

My day one time-42 sec

Zak’s Day one time-38 sec

Mom’s day one time-98 sec (She’s a little more in shape than us!! lol)

Wish me luck and if anyone wants to join me, feel free to post your times as well!! Or if you’ve already finished or are in the process of a fitness challenge, we would love to hear your story!! Leave a comment or send us a message on Facebook!!