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Hey you guys! So you saw my post about my smoothie fast, so I thought I’d let you know what I’m gonna have on hand in case anybody wanted to join me!

Bananas-These are a staple in my smoothies and my everyday diet because I suffer from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and the potassium helps me immensely!

Pineapple-Because yum! and it has 721% of your daily value of vitamin c! (More than an orange!)

Oranges-One of the world’s healthiest foods!

Apples-A staple from my home state, Washington! ❤

Watermelon-Mostly water! This is  a great base for a smoothie because it eliminates the need for a liquid. I could live off this stuff!!

Cantaloupe-Why didn’t the melons get married? Because they cant-a-loupe!!

Honeydew-Low calorie, great for juicing!

Kiwi-Almost 3g of fiber in one little fruit, this is actually technically a berry!

Plum-Low sodium and almost no sugar. Great for diabetics!

Peaches-Classified with the almond…huh

Golden Melon-Pretty much the same thing as a honeydew, but a lighter taste

Bell Peppers-A good source of vitamin B-6, adds a nice kick to a smoothie

Spinach-Packed with nutrients like Iron and vitamin k!

Kale-Great source of Vitamin A!

I also have strawberries, grapes, and a tropical fruit blend in my freezer so they aren’t on my shopping list, but they are great to have on hand as well!!

I plan on stopping at the local farmer’s market as well, so I might add a few more things, but these are on my list ATM. I plan on shopping tomorrow then prepping on Sunday so I can start on Monday. I’ll be sure to post pictures and keep you updated! Let me know what fruits you like in your smoothies!!


Much love!