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Hello all! Happy Father’s Day to all of those who follow us!

Tomorrow I start my smoothie fast. I’m a little nervous, but I’m really looking forward to it. I did my shopping today (we ended up cleaning the garage yesterday! haha) after taking a tour of the USCGC Eagle with my dad for Father’s Day!

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We also got to see the ship he was on when he was in the Coast Guard. The USCG Resolute.

USCG Resolute

It was a lot of fun. I got my sun for today too lol (maybe even a little too much!)

But I digress. Back to the matter at hand! I got a lot of what I was looking for and a couple other things. I few things weren’t available today, but I may get them later in the week. My week looks quite colorful!!





My smoothie base is usually an orange, apple, and two bananas, but I’ll be mixing it up A LOT this week as to not get burnt out. As you can see I made a couple different smoothie packs for a quick on the go snack. I have a “tropical(ish)” one with cantaloupe, kiwi, peaches, and pineapple. I also have a melon one with honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon. I ended up with a TON of water melon so I plan on blending that up into a watermelon juice (anyone who has been to a Taco Bus knows what I mean!!) Anywho! I plan on posting recipes and updates daily just as I did with the 7 day cleanse! I’ll also post updates on the workouts I do each day and possibly some video.

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Much love!