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Hello all!! Today was day one of my smoothie “fast”/detox/cleanse/diet/whatever you want to call it! It went alright. It was pretty good during the day but my fam decided to have Sloppy Joe’s for dinner so that was quite tempting!! But I was able to stay away! I kept myself pretty well distracted by cleaning my room. I’m going through a bunch of boxes that my parents had been storing for the last few years for me since I’ll be moving out on my own again (hopefully) soon!


So that was fun and exciting! lol Anywho, For breakfast I made a smoothie using my topical pack that I mentioned in yesterday’s post (–>in case you missed it!)

Orange, banana, spinach, tropical pack, blended boost, and protein powder

Orange, banana, spinach, tropical pack, blended boost, and protein powder


















I also added a my Ninja Blended Boost pack and some Juice Plus+ Complete for my protein as well as the added nutrient bonus! It lasted me most of the day since I don’t usually eat breakfast and my smoothies tend to be HUGE, but also because I’m used to just sipping on them throughout the day because I usually eat lunch late. Today I ate lunch at a decent hour because my morning smoothie was smaller than usual so I was actually hungry lol

This is what happens when you don't measure out your drink!

This is what happens when you don’t measure out your drink!

I liked this one because I’m a huge melon fan and could live off of it forever if I could! I also added a little bit of the Juice Plus+ powder to this one.

Juice Plus Complete Protein Juice Plus Complete Protein Juice Plus Complete Protein

For those that are interested, this is the powder I’m using. It has a really nice vanilla flavor and is a great way to add protein into your smoothie diet! You can check it out here–>Bam

Dinner was a little trickier. As I mentioned before, the family decided on Sloppy Joe’s. So I had to think of what I could make that would taste as good or better.

Too much onion >.<

Too much onion >.<

I made this…I am super thankful for my VitaMix at times like this! I was able to make soup lol This is just a medium size tomato, a yellow bell pepper, a handful of baby spinach, garlic (of course!!) and one layer of an onion. Oh, and hot water. Since the VitaMix is designed to heat as it blends (hence the ability to make soup in a blander!) I was able to feel like I was actually having dinner without feeling like I’m drinking a blended salad lol

After about 10 o’clock I started craving solid food so I blended up a few chunks of watermelon and some frozen strawberries to make a nice sorbet!


I very much enjoyed it ^_^

Om Nom Nom

Om Nom Nom

Tomorrow will be interesting since I’ll be back on my Mean Ab’s June Challenge (today was a rest day!) And I’ll be posting updates about that on our Facebook page, so be sure to like and check that out!

Good Night all and Much love!!