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Hey everyone! So those who know me know that I had a horrible habit of biting my nails. Well, the last couple months I have ceased this habit! (Yay me!) I still have some issues with having my fingers in my mouth since I developed a bad oral fixation due to the many years of biting, but it’s a start.

Unfortunately due to the biting of my nails, they have become super thin and brittle. This causes them to break really easily, right about the time I start thinking I can finally get a manicure. So to try and relieve this problem I’ve tried several different products.









First off, Sally Hansen “Hard As Nails” I used this for probably about a month the first time I stopped biting my nails. It was not effective at all. It did work very well as a top coat, but it did not give my nails any strength. I would give it a 5/10…not horrible, but not great.

NYC Grow 10 nails

Then I tried something a little less expensive, thinking, hey sometimes the cheapy off brands work 1000000 times better than the super expensive ones. So I purchased NYC “Grow 10 Nails” This one didn’t do ANYTHING. Like…at all….I used this one for about three weeks with no results. It didn’t even have a nice gloss. I’d give it a 3/10

Nailene-Miracle Maker

Then I tried Nailene “Miracle Maker-7 day miracle growth” I’m not 100% sure where it came from it just kinda ended up in my nail polish tub haha Anywho…I couldn’t even get this stuff to stay on my nail. Once it dried it just peeled off. So I’d say it as less than effective! 1/10

Diamond Strength

Then I tried a strong top coat, thinking maybe that would help prevent breakage. I used Sally Hansen “Diamond Strength Top Coat” It didn’t really do too much to help with the breakage, but as a top coat, it worked really well. It had a nice gloss to it and actually protected my color really well. The only issue I had was it had a tendency to sometimes pull the color as I was applying it. So as a strengthener, it won’t work, but as a top coat it was really good. I’d give it a 8/10

Nutra-Nails 5-7 day growth

So now I’m trying a combination of three products. The first being Nutra Nails “5-7 day growth formula” It has calcium and moisturizing proteins to help weak, brittle nails. It penetrates and conditions weak nails, then forms a moisture barrier that keeps nails from drying, allowing for natural growth.

Nutra-nails strengthener

The next one it Nutra Nails “Strengthener with Green Tea” It works as a virtually instant strengthener. It has super poly-resins that firmly bond nail layers and fill in weak spots. Nails instantly get maximum strength and the durability to resist damage. So far, I have to say I’m quite impressed with this one!

Hoof-Stop the Bite

And last but not least I decided to try something to help with my oral fixation. I purchased Hoof “Stop the Bite” It’s intended to be used as a deterrent to stop nail biting. Anyone who has a habit of putting their fingers in their mouth that they want to break, whether it be nail biting, thumb/finger sucking, chewing on the skin around your nails, or just putting your fingers in/on/around your mouth…BUY THIS STUFF!!!!! I put some on last night and I can STILL taste it on my fingers!!! It is NASTY! I would highly recommend this to anyone who ants to stop biting their nails!! 10/10

So those are my newest trials! I’m posting a pic of my nails before I put anything on them so at the end of the week I can post another pic to compare and see how well the 5-7 day nail growth went, as well as after a couple weeks so we can see how it goes!!

Left hand before

Left hand before

Left hand again

Left hand again

Right hand before

Right hand before

right hand again

right hand again

As you can see I have all of two good nails since the rest broke off >.< But, fingers crossed!! (no pun intended!)

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