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While visiting with a friend this morning, we witnessed an event that I have never seen before. A bright blue and brown dragonfly crashed into the grass just off my patio. Upon inspection, I found that this little guy isn’t so little. Nor was he in the best of shape. A broken wing and a busted leg took him down. From what, we couldn’t tell. Either a bird got him or another male dragonfly was competing with him for territory and the female we’ve been seeing buzzing around our apartment.

I found a nice sized bowl for the little guy to sit in so he wouldn’t get hurt any more than what he already was and proceeded to do some research about him. I found he is a Blue Eyed Darner, found in the west half of both the US and Canada, but can be found in other parts of both countries. His markings and colors signify he is indeed a male, and that he could be a few years old, as adult flying season is June through October.

He had been trying to fly, but was unable to. His butt was in the air with his head down, showing he was definitely having a hard time keeping aloft. He then fell out of the bowl. When I picked him back up, he decided I was his friend.


It took me about 5 minutes to convince him to go back in the bowl. He has been sitting, trying to fly for a couple hours now, but just can’t get enough strength to get lift.


As of right now, he looks to be close to then end, but oddly, still enjoys to sit on me and pet his tail. Needless to say, I have a new friend and if he goes before he feels better, a new addition to my magickal altar. But he is very beautiful and when I get to my laptop later, I’ll add some mythology and symbolism about dragonflies.