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Hey guys, sorry for the long absence. Life got in the way.

I started a new job back in September as a demonstrator at Costco. You know, when you go to Costco you see those lovely people giving out samples? Yeah, that’s me! So happy to be working, even if it is only part-time.

Unfortunately, I busted my foot so I can’t work now. About 3 weeks ago I went out walking so I could do some errands while my boyfriend was at work (sucks not having a license, even if I did, we only have one vehicle so it wouldn’t have mattered at the time). On this walk, I managed to pull (possibly tear, I don’t know, I have an appointment Wednesday to find out more) some tendons and/or muscles in my left foot. So now I’m in a walking boot and it’s not seeming to get better, hence the appointment on Wednesday. I’ll update when I can about how it’s going.

On top of being injured, I got super sick. Ended up in the emergency room a little over a week ago with dehydration, mild ileus (my G.I. tract slowed way down causing my stomach to not empty as fast as it should, meaning vomiting when ever I ate), and gastritis. Top it off, I ended up getting an ear and sinus infection, that of which I didn’t realize I had until it was too late, which ended up causing a ruptured ear drum in my left ear, so now I’m partly deaf until it goes away with antibiotics. Hopefully they help, I don’t want to have to see another doctor.

While all of this is happening, I can’t work. 2 months at my new job, and I can’t work. It’s very frustrating. At least I have a loving and caring boyfriend who is doing everything he can to make sure I get better, keep our home clean, and working. I can’t express how much I love him for everything he’s done for me, and for us, the last couple of weeks. Also, I have an amazing group of friends. Many of them stop by to see if I need anything, to check up on me, or just to hang out because I can’t really go anywhere at the moment. At least not on my own, so I’m stuck at home all day.

Since I’m home all day for god knows how long, I’m trying to teach myself French. There’s a story behind why, but that will come in time. With many more updates for that and why I’m learning French in the next couple of months, hopefully. So we’ll see how that goes.

Enough about me, I have a question for you guys.

How would an author (famous or not) describe you? The way you talk? Your mannerisms? The way you dress? How would an author describe you as a character in a book? This doesn’t necessarily mean how you look. Think of who you are as a person. Would you be the protagonist, or the antagonist of the book? Would you be popular, or would you be a background character?
Leave your answers in the comments! Or for more fun, write a brief (say, no more than 600 words) introduction of your “character” and send it to us. I’ll post them as I get them (assuming they are appropriate for all ages). I would love to hear what you guys come up with, and I’ll even (with some careful thought) post my story introduction for you guys to read.

And thank you guys so much for just reading our stuff. Knowing we’re not just posting to a non-existent audience is awesome. Knowing we actually connect with people outside of our small group of friends and family is even better! You guys rock!