About Me – Ashley

Howdy All! I’m Ashley, Sylvia’s sis 🙂 A little about myself, I’m 21, recently graduated from Everest College as a Medical Assistant. I love cooking and crafts and am an avid pintrest junkie! I’ve always loved writing and love the idea of being able to help people. Fitness and eating right however, have not always been a priority for me.

About two years ago, I went through some…lets just say big changes in my life. I got some very sudden news and it definitely caught me off guard. Well, after almost a week in the hospital, I was ready to move on and just continue life how I used to. Wishful thinking…

Apparently my metabolism got shot to sh!t and most likely my thyroid got knocked outta whack. I went from a steady 160 to almost 230 pounds in a little over a year. I tried to watch my eating habits, but never really dedicated too much effort to it.

In March 2012, my dad ended up in the hospital with blood pressure of 225/150. They thought he was having a heart attack at 43. Being 3000 miles away, I was pretty shaken up. He was ok, but it really set something off for me. Not only was my dad lucky he didn’t have any worse problems, I was at risk as well, and my weight wasn’t helping. I changed my eating habits but I didn’t hold myself accountable for that much, and being in night school, midnight Jack in the Box trips were quite common.

I started weight watchers about a week after I graduated and am already seeing amazing results. I’ve up’d my activity and have never felt better. I hope that my posts and ideas can help give people that extra motivation they need to kick start their health!



1 thought on “About Me – Ashley”

  1. Glad you are on the right track! It’s hard work but it’s worth it!

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