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Hmm, where to start. I go by the name of Sylvia. Now, I know that is a fairly uncommon name, but it does have a back story. I am, or at least used to be, an avid Dungeons & Dragons player. I own almost all of the books on .PDF, I own mini figurines, I’ve spent many a nights gaming then having to face that evil day star all you normal people call the sun. I go by Sylvia to almost everyone, mostly because it’s my real name. I never used the name for a character I played, because I found it too cheesy, I know, a D&D player worried about being cheesy, but Sylvia really does fit me. The Elven name generator in the Races of the Wild book had my name broken down into two parts:

Syl – Faerie

Via – Good fortune, Luck

Finding this, I was quite excited. My name was an Elven name! Prior to playing D&D, I had developed an obsession with faeries, so finding out that my name had meant Faerie of Good Fortune or Luck Faerie was very exciting to me.

Now, when my mother was pregnant with me, she just fell in love with the word Silver, but she thought it would be weird to name her daughter a color like that, so she named me Sylvia. The traditional meaning of Sylvia is “Of the woods or forest”, which is a great thing, since I love nature! Almost everything you can find for myths based around my name surrounds nature. Who would have guessed that a child given a name that is based around nature would fall so much in love with nature itself before she could even read. 🙂

Enough about my name, even though I can go on about it for hours, I should probably move on. I’m a horrible night owl. All of my creativity comes in the night when it’s quiet and calm. During the day I can barely get anything done, but come night fall, my best stuff comes to surface. I was a dancer for 10 years, and was in various art schools from kindergarten until I graduated. I love art, nature, and gaming of various calibers. So, be prepared for this blog to be a hodge-podge of everything that interests me, like DIY, crafts, and make-up, to fashion, movies, and music. Anything could come of this! 🙂

If you’d like to email me, ask me questions, or suggest a topic for me to post about, go ahead and shoot me a message at lifeofanightowl@gmail.com

}|{ ~Sylvia Claire~ }|{


6 thoughts on “About Me -Sylvia Claire”

  1. Sylvia A. Sutton-Heath said:

    I found this site while checking out whether certain foods are good for restless leg syndrome which my friend’s husband has and therefore my friend suffers from it too ( lack of sleep ). I’m a Sylvia too and knew that it meant of the forest or wood nymph depending on your resource. I love the part about it being about Luck as well. Thanks for giving me more about my name.
    There was one other Sylvia in my high school class of 1969. Before 1980 about the only women I met name Sylvia were Jewish and liked to be called Sylvie. I don’t like to be called Sylvie. Most of my friends call me Syl. My mother said she had a friend named Sylvia and she liked the name. I didn’t think to ask her about her friend until she had the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and then didn’t remember that she had a friend Sylvia.
    I always disliked my middle name of Anna. I thought it was the name of a fat person, not sure why. I love things symmetrical so you’d think I’d love a symmetrical name but I never did. I don’t know what it means but in 1991 we started the process of adopting a baby from El Salvador that was having a horrible Civil War and many people were out of work and hungry and couldn’t manage another baby in the family. When I heard that the birth mother’s first name was Ana ( the Spanish spelling ) I knew that the adoption was meant to be. I had a few doubts during those teenage years.

    My daughter was in El Salvador for 20 months while we did the paperwork to finalize the adoption and the lawyer did his stuff. I told the lawyer that we wanted to call her Kristen Elysha but he didn’t wait for my phone call and he registered her birth using my first name so she was Sylvia. Her foster mom called her Sylvita which means little Sylvia, sort of the way we call boys named Thomas – Tommy or girls named Elizabeth – Lizzy. So my daughter now has two middle names Kristen Sylvita Elysha. Maybe someday she’ll use Ana ( which I think is a skinny name ) for one of her daughters.

  2. You’re name is awesome! I love it! If I recall correctly, my first name means evil one and my middle name means innocent. So I’m innocently evil haha! I love your picture as well!

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