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Hello all! It has been quite awhile. Things have been beyond crazy lately. Anyway! I finally have a working laptop and an awesome camera so I’ll be able to post some really nice posts now ^_^

So to catch you up! I’ve been following a program with my future sister in law called 21 Day Fix through Beachbody. It is a clean eating and exercise program that teaches you portion control and helps create a healthy living habit in easy to follow 21 day rounds. You can follow it once and continue your own healthy living plan, or continue and do more rounds until you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. I will be starting my 4th round December 1st. I have had more luck with this program then any other plan I’ve followed. It’s helped me keep myself on track between rounds by keeping myself under control with my portion sizes, which has always been my biggest struggle.


I’ve gone from 256 and a size 22 at my heaviest to 185 and a size 12/14. I still have a ways to go, but I’m closer than ever before! Just on the 21 day fix I’ve lost 33 pounds. I’m really looking forward to this next round.

I will be trying to post at least three times a week with my daily meal plans, recipes, and updates. If anyone is going to follow along, I’d love to see your meals and tips in the comments! I’ll be posting my container about a week or so before the round, so keep an eye out! I’ll also be posting some tips to keep your thanksgiving 21DF friendly!

Much love you guys and thanks for the support!